Using file attachments

Attaching and managing files can be done from any SecretSafe client application. Any file 100MB or smaller can be attached to an item in your safe.

Web Safe#

Select the options button next to the item in your safe and then select the Attachments option. You will then be presented with a list of all attached files for that item as well as options for uploading new attachments.

Other Applications#

After viewing an item in your safe you will see existing attachments listed at the bottom of the page. To upload a new attachment, or to delete existing attachments, edit the item and then select the Attachments option.

Fixing "Old" Attachments#

Prior to December 2018 file attachments used a different method of encrypting their data. We have since moved to a newer, better way of encrypting file attachments. Any attachments that use the older encryption method will be labeled with an alert icon in your safe listing. You should upgrade these old attachments to the newer method of encryption so that other account-related features can function properly.

  1. Open the page for editing your attachments (see above).
  2. Click the Fix button next to the old attachment. This process will download the attachment, re-encrypt it using the new encryption method, re-upload the attachment back to your safe, and delete the old version of the attachment.

Once an attachment has successfully been upgraded, the alert icon and fix button should disappear.