Create New Access Application Link

An access application link allows you to define a series of pages that will collect information from data providers. You can then send the link with data providers, use a QR code, or embed the link in your webpage.

  1. Navigate to your access application, press the dropdown arrow and scroll down to the bottom, and click on Create New Link in the bottom left corner image of the access application page with create new link
  2. Specify the information that you want to collect on the first page of the form that the data provider will be presented with:
Page nameThe name of the page. Appears as a heading at the top of the page
Page descriptionA text description providing instructions to the user about what to do on this page
SchemasA list of schema to present to the user on the page
Allow multipleWhether to allow multiple instances of the information to be provided by the user. For example, if you are asking for address information on this page, then you may wish to allow the user to provide multiple addresses. If Allow multiple is not selected then the user amy only provide one set of information of this type on this page
FilterWhether to require the user to provide only one of the listed schema, or any of the available schema. For example, if there are two schema (an ID card and a passport), choose oneOf if the user may only complete one schema (i.e. only the ID card OR the passport) or choose anyOf if the user may complete one or more of those schema (i.e. the ID card AND/OR the passport).
OptionalWhether to require the user to provide the information on this page. Select if you wish to allow the user to skip this page.
SaveWhether to save the information to the user's profile. Usually you would want to select this so that the user can use the information in the future when sharing their information with other applications. However if the information is only relevant to this particular application instance then do not select this. Some examples of questions that shouldn't be saved on the user's profile: "What is the purpose of this loan?", "Please tick to acknowledge you have read our terms and conditions"
Service provider-relatedWhether to link the information to a specific service provider. Select this if the information relates to your relationship with the data provider. Some examples of questions that are service provider-related: "Please indicate if you wish to receive marketing material from us", "Enter your customer number"
  1. Once you have filled out the form, click Submit

    image of the access application form filled out


You may want to create multiple pages as the settings for one page applies to all the schema on that page

  1. Click the "Add another access application page" button to continue adding access application pages. image of the access application link created page, page

  2. Once you have created all the desired pages press Next to continue.

  3. Add a description for the link that are creating. When finished press Create

    image of the access application link confirm creation page

  4. To check your link has been created, scroll down to the bottom of the page, and under the default application link, there should be your newly created link

    image of the access application page with newly created link