User groups

In addition to collections, groups are a way for organizations to further control user access. They are particularly useful to larger organizations where user access can be difficult to manage.

User Assignment#

After creating a user, you can assign that user to one or more groups. From the users listing (People) page, Select the Groups option for a particular user to make your group selections.

You can also view which users belong to a specific group by navigating to the groups listing page and selecting the Users option for a specific group. Users can be removed from the group from this page as well, however, adding a new user to a group must be done from the individual user.

Collection Assignment#

Access control for a group is done by assigning collections to a group (or vice versa). You can assign which collections a group can access by editing the group from the group listing page.

Alternatively, edit a collection from the collections listing page to choose which groups can access it.

Organization users will only be able to access items that belong to the groups (and therefore collections) that they are members of. If a user belongs to multiple groups, that user will be able to access items from the union of all collections for their groups plus any individual collections that they have been assigned to.