How it works

  1. Email a user a link, print out a QR code, or embed the form into your web site.
    image of the raytio application link share dialog
  2. Your customer follows the link on their web browser, phone or tablet and is directed to a web page with your branding where they sign up or sign in
    image of the branded sign in page
  3. The user uploads their identity documents and enters other information as requested by you. Live person detection, and biometric checks are included
    image of scan driver licence page
  4. The forms are completely customisable so you can collect whatever information is required for your business process
    image of the raytio subscriptions page
  5. Raytio automatically verifies all the information that we can with trusted third parties
    image of the company data verifications
  6. Keep track of requests that you've sent and re-send requests if necessary
    image of the raytio application requests page
  7. Once the user submits the information you receive a notification by email or webhook. You can then view and print the shared data and verifications
    image of the view instance data page