Set up online check-in

Set up your service provider#

Set your organization up in Raytio as a service provider. This enables your products and services to be listed in the marketplace. It is the entity to which your name, logo and billing provider information is attached.

Obtain your Stripe API keys#

Follow the steps below to obtain your Stripe publishable key and create a restricted key.

  1. Login to Stripe and navigate to Developers > API keys.

  2. Copy the value in the Token column for the Publishable key

  3. Select Create restricted key. Enter a key name.

  4. Set the following permissions

  5. Select "Create key"

  6. Copy the value in the Token column for the restricted key that you just created

Set up your billing provider#

Your billing provider details are used to securely store your customer's payment information including credit card, customer and payment details. These details are stored directly with your billing provider - Raytio does not store or have access to your customer's credit cards.

Raytio currently supports Stripe as the billing provider.