Set up two-step login (2FA)

Two-step login (or two-factor authentication) greatly increases the security of your account by requiring you to complete a secondary step while logging into SecretSafe (in addition to your master password). Even if someone were to discover your master password, they could not log into your SecretSafe account without access to the secondary step. You can read more about two-step login here. We recommend that all users activate and use two-step login with their SecretSafe account.

SecretSafe supports two-step login using the following methods:

You can enable multiple two-step login methods. If you have multiple two-step login methods enabled, the order of preference for the default method that is displayed while logging in is as follows: FIDO U2F โ†’ YubiKey โ†’ Duo โ†’ Authenticator app โ†’ Email. You can manually switch to and use any method during login, however.