Searching the safe

SecretSafe indexes your safe using a full-text search programming library called Lunr. Lunr provides the ability to invoke high-performance search queries against your safe to quickly find what you need with great accuracy.

Applications that use full-text search#

The following SecretSafe applications provide full-text searching capabilities and are applicable to the information this article:

  • Web safe
  • Desktop applications
  • Browser extensions

This article does not apply to the following SecretSafe applications, which provide only basic search capabilities:

  • CLI
  • Mobile apps

Indexed Fields#

The following fields from items in your safe are indexed and are searchable:

  • shortid - First 8 characters of the item's id.
  • organizationid - Id of the item's organization (if it belongs to one).
  • name
  • subtitle - Login username, card brand + last four, and identity name.
  • notes
  • fields - Name and value. Only "text" type field values are included.
  • attachments - File name
  • login.username
  • login.uris - Only the URI's hostname value.

Wildcard Searches#

The asterisk character (*) provides the ability to perform wildcard searches in your safe. Examples:

  • *secretsafe
  • secretsafe*
  • *secretsafe*
  • *secr*ets*afe*

The following fields automatically include leading and trailing wildcards while performing normal search queries:

  • name
  • subtitle
  • login.uris

It is not necessary to provide wildcards if you are searching for information in these fields.

Advanced Searches#

Starting your search query with a greater than character (>) enables the full power of Lunr search queries.

Advanced Search Examples#

  • >secretsafe* - Search all fields for a term that starts with "secretsafe".
  • >notes:something - Search the notes field for the term "something".
  • >login.username:jsmith - Search the username field on items of type login for the term "jsmith".
  • >+organizationid:* - Search for all items that belong to an organization.
  • >-organizationid:* - Search for all items that do not belong to an organization (items that you own).
  • >+foo bar -baz - Search for items that must contain "foo", might contain "bar" and must not contain "baz".

Learn more about writing advanced search queries using Lunr's searching guide.