Configuring directory sync with Okta

This article will cover how to connect the SecretSafe Directory Connector application to your Okta Directory.


Table of Contents#

Create an API token#

  1. Log into your Okta Developer Console
  2. Select API โ†’ Tokens from the navigation menu
  3. Click the Create Token button and name the token something like "SecretSafe Direcory-Connector", then click the Create Token button.
  4. Note and copy your API token for use with the Directory Connector. Your token will not be shown again so you may want to save it somewhere so that you can easily access it when configuring your directory connection later.

Configure Directory Connector#

  1. Launch the Directory Connector desktop application
  2. Go to the Settings tab.
  3. Select Okta as the directory type.
  4. Enter your Okta organization's URL (ex.
  5. Enter the API Token that you copied from the steps above.

Congrats! You are done configuring Okta with the SecretSafe Directory Connector.


Test your configuration by running a sync test. You should see your Okta groups and/or users printed to the screen.