Setup Provider Billing


Refer Online check-in setup to get your Stripe publishable and restricted API keys

  1. In the Service Provider section, press on the Provider Billing button on the left side, and then scroll down, and press Create New Provider Billing, to start the process
    image of the provider billing create new page

  2. Press Create New, you will be taken to the provider billing form, select Stripe as your billing provider, and enter your publishable API key, then press Submit

  3. On the next page, select the billing provider that you just create, then press Next, then press the Dropdown arrow, and then the +. Press Create New, and then enter your restricted API key. gif of the steps above being executed

  4. Finally, press Next, and then you should be taken to your newly created billing profile, and new billing key. image of the provider billing screen, with the new billing key created