Access Application Submissions

You can view data that have been shared with your access applications in the submissions screen. You can search for a submission, view and print the shared information and update the state of the submission. For example you could update the state to "Accepted" and send a message to the user advising them of that.

  1. To view submissions, navigate to the Raytio homepage. In the top left corner of your screen select the Data Receiver dropdown box, and then Submissions
    data receiver dropdown box

  2. On the Submissions homepage, in the top right corner on the Select A category dropdown box, choose the Access Application that you would like to view submissions for
    submissions homepage

  3. The submissions table will be displayed
    submissions table
    For each submission the following is shown:

StatusThe status of the submission. Valid values include Submitted, Received, Processing, Accepted, Rejected. You can update the status of a submission
Confirmation CodeA unique confirmation code that is generated and displayed to the user when they share their data with you
ReferenceYour reference. When you ask someone to share information with you, you can include a reference in the link that gets sent to them. Then, when the user provides the information to you the reference will be displayed as part of the submission
Start DateThe date that the data was shared
End DateThe date after which the data will no longer be available to you
  1. To view the audit trail for this submission, under the Status header, select the state of the submission that you would like to view the history for

    submission audit trail

  2. To view and print the submission data, or to update its state, under the View header, select the Expand button (the two arrows pointing outwards)
    view submission data

  3. To print a submission, select the Print Page button and print the page

  4. To update the state of a submission, select the State dropdown box with the on it, and choose a new state
    submission state dropdown box

  5. Optionally you can enter a custom message which will be sent to the user. Select Submit to update the state
    enter message dialog box