Create Access Application

An Access Application is used to collect information from data providers. It is a set of scopes (or schema) that define the information to be collected.

  1. To create an access application, first navigate to the Raytio homepage. In the top left corner of your screen press on the Data Receiver dropdown box, and then Applications

    image of the data receiver dropdown box

  2. Press the Create New Access Application button to begin the creation process image of the access application page

  3. Fill out the form with the information of your Access Application:

Access Application NameThe name of the access application
Access Application DescriptionThe description of the access application
Callback URIsThe list of valid access application callback URIs. When your application directs the user to our web application, you can specify a callback URI that the data provider will be directed to when they submit the data to be shared. That callback URI must be in the list of valid URIs specified on the access application
Logout URIThe access application logout URI (not used currently)
Access Application imageThe picture to show to the user when they are completing the application. Usually this will be your company or product logo
TagsAn array of user-defined tags to allow grouping and searching of access applications
Access Application SchemaThe valid schema or scopes for this access application
State transitions and actions (Table)The state transitions and actions to perform for each transition
Custom themeThe properties of the custom theme for this access application. You can define a custom look and feel which makes the forms look consistent with your branding
Generate Access application secretWhether to generate a secret or not (not used currently)
Related service providerThe service provider that owns this access application
  1. Once you have filled out the form, click Submit

    image of the access application for filled out

  2. You should be taken to a page that shows all of your access applications, including the one you just created image of the access application page with created access application